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How do I connect to the device?
Please download and install the Motion Pillow app, turn on Bluetooth, then open the app. Follow the instructions in the app to connect to the device. After your app is connected to the device all data will my synchronized from the device and generated into a report. if the device is unplugged from a power source and turned on again, you will need to reconnect the app to the device.
Is it possible to use the Motion Pillow without connecting the app?
The product can be used even if not connected to the app. When snores are detected the air bags will still be triggered and inflate. However, if the device and app are not connected then a sleep data report cannot be generated on the app.
While using the product can i turn off Bluetooth, turn off my mobile phone, or move my phone far away from the Solution Box?
None of these will be a problem! The functioning of the device will not be affected if Bluetooth is deactivated, or your phone is switched off or moved away. Please note however that the recorded data will not be generated into a sleep report until your phone is turned on again, reconnected through Bluetooth to the device, and the app opened.
What should I do if the app does not show sleep data?
IF you find there is no sleep data in the app's report or you are unable to refresh the data, first check that Bluetooth is activated and the app is connected to the device. Then try closing the app and opening it again. Please wait while the data from the device is synchronized with your app. We suggest not using your mobile phone during this time. After synchronization your sleep data will be presented in a report.
What does it mean by "Active Mode" and "Inactive Mode"?
When the device is set to Inactive mode, the device will monitor and record your snoring and sleep data without activating the inflation of the pillows to stop the snoring. When the device is in Active mode anti-snoring movements will take place when snoring is detected. The user can select their preference.
Does the Motion Pillow need to be plugged in all the time during use?
Yes, the device should be plugged into a power supply when in use. Please note however that power is only used in the Solution Box, and the Pillow component is totally free of electricity and radiation.
Anti-snoring movements are caused by air bag inflation and deflation. Could the air bags burst?
No, the air bags won't burst with normal usage. Each of the four air bags can withstand a maximum pressure of 150KPA, which is the equivalent of 3 adults of average weight sitting on it. Additionally there is a control in the Solution Box to prevent over inflation.
I have started using the pillow and the anti-snoring movements are waking me or disrupting my sleep. What should I do?
Please open the app and go to "Menu" Menu > Settings" > "Inflation Height", and adjust it to a lower level in order to reduce the height of inflation.
Why does the Motion Pillow inflate when there is no snoring sound detected?
The snore detection of the Solution Box uses a complex algorithm, though some rhythmic sounds or vibrations may be wrongly recognized as snoring. Please ensure the Solution Box is on a stable, vibration free surface and that it is facing towards the user. You can also go to the "Menu" Menu > Settings" > Snoring Detection Sensitivity Level" and adjust it to a lower level to reduce any chance of incorrect detection .
Sometimes I hear a faint "clicking" sound coming from within the Solution Box. What is it?
The Solution Box monitors the air pressure of the of the Pillow component, and as such occasionally makes a soft click lasting about 0.2 seconds. This sound indicates that he pressure monitoring system is working correctly.
How does the Motion Pillow stop a user from snoring?
As the Motion Pillow softly inflates and deflates it will gently turn the user's head aside to open up the back of the throat, halting any snoring. Currently, with the exception of using an obstructive respiratory machine or having invasive medical surgery, changing sleeping position is the most effective way to stop snoring.
Is the Motion Pillow effective for all types of snoring?
The Motion Pillow is most effective for Obstructive snoring, and may be less so for the Central or Mixed type of snoring.
Is it possible for the Motion Pillow to distinguish which snores are coming from the user, and which are from their sleeping partner?
The Motion Pillow's snore detection may be affected if it is detecting snoring from two sleeping partners who are close together. If this is the case we suggest that you open the app, go to the "Menu" Menu > Settings" > Snoring Detection Sensitivity Level" and adjust it to a lower level to reduce any chance of incorrect detection . Please also ensure that it is facing towards, and close enough to, the user.
Is it ok for children, old people, or pregnant women to use the product?
The product is not recommended for small children, pregnant women, or the elderly over 80 years of age, as they may be more sensitive to the gentle inflation and deflation of the air bags, which could affect their quality of sleep.
Does the Motion Pillow produce big noises? Will any noise affect the sleep of my sleeping partner?
The current noise volume is around 35dB, which is less than the noise generated by air conditioning or an air purifier, and a little louder than a human whisper. It should not disrupt the sleep of your sleeping partner.


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