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How do I connect to the device?
Please download and install the Motion Pillow app, turn on Bluetooth, and follow the instructions to connect to the device. After your app is connected to the device, all data will be synchronized from the device and be generated into a report. If the device is unplugged and turned on again, you will need to re-connect the app.
Is it possible to use the Motion Pillow without connecting to the app?
The product can be used even if not connected with the app. When snores are detected, the air bags will be triggered. However, if the device is not connected to the app, no report will be generated on the app.
While using the product, can I turn off Bluetooth, power off the mobile phone or put it far away from the control box?
No problem! The app does not affect the device even if the Bluetooth is off and your mobile phone is turned off or be placed away from the device. Just be noted, in that case, the data might not be presented onto the report immediately. No data report shows up until you turn on Bluetooth, open the app, and have it connected to the device again.
What should I do if the app does not show data?
If you find there is no data in the report or you are not able to refresh data, first check your Bluetooth is on and the app is well connected to the device. Please close the app and open it again. It will take some time to synchronize data. During the process of synchronization, do not operate your mobile phone. After this, the data will be presented in the report.
What does it mean by “Active and Inactive Mode” ?
When you have the Inactive mode, the device just monitors snoring and records the data without offering any anti-snoring actions. When it is the Active mode, anti-snoring actions will be offered when snores are detected. The user can compare the results between the two modes to judge the effectiveness.
Does the Motion Pillow need to be plugged in all the time while using it?
Yes, the device should always be plugged in while using it. However, electricity just goes to the solution box and the pillow is completely free from electromagnetic waves. Please feel free to use it.
Anti-snoring actions are conducted by air bag inflation/deflation. Would the air bags burst?
No, air bags won’t burst in normal use. Single air bag’s maximum pressure endurance is 150KPA, which means it can load 3 normally weighted adults to sit on it. Moreover, there is a control in the circuit to avoid pumping all the time.
I have just started using the pillow and have not gotten used to it yet. Yesterday the air bag inflated up, pushed my head and waked me up. What should I do?
Please go to “Settings” --> “Sensitivity Adjustment”, and adjust it to a lower sensitivity level, in order to reduce the maximum height of air inflation.
Why does the Motion Pillow inflate up when there is no snoring sound?
Snore detection of the Motion Pillow is based on algorithm and some rhythmic sounds or vibrations may be wrongly recognized. However, this hardly takes place. It will help also if you low down its sound sensitivity level to reduce the possibility of wrong detection.
Sometimes, I hear a little short “clicking” sound coming out from the solution box. What is it?
The pillow checks the air pressure detecting system from time to time and it usually lasts for 0.2 seconds each time. Some sleep-sensitive users may feel it, but it won’t affect your sleep.
How does the Motion Pillow stop snoring?
Air inflation/deflation of the Motion Pillow gently turns the user's head aside to stimulate the throat muscles, helping the user have a good sleep. At present, except for using respiratory machine or getting medical surgery, changing sleeping position is the most effective way to avoid snoring.
Is the Motion Pillow effective for all snorers?
The Motion Pillow is effective for most obstructive snores, but it may not be so in case of central type or mixed type of snores.
Is it possible for the Motion Pillow to distinguish which snores come from the user or his/her partner?
The Motion Pillow features snore detection, but it may be distracted when two people sleep very close from each other. We suggest that you adjust the device’s sensitivity to “Low” level and put the device closer to the actual person whom you want it to work for.
Is it ok for children, old people or pregnant women to use the product?
The product is not recommended for too little children, pregnant women, or the elderly over 80 years since they might not afford even the gentle inflation and deflation.
Does the Motion Pillow produce big noises? Will the noise affect the sleep of my bed partner?
The current noise volume is 35dB, which is lower than general ambient noise and much less than the noise generated by air conditioning or air cleaner. Please make sure the environmental noise is no more than 40dB in your room.


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