Pay Attention To
7 Major Symptoms
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Inability to Sleep Deeply
  • Frequent Need to Urinate at Night
  • High Blood Pressure in the Morning
  • Daytime Drowsiness & Tiredness
  • Dizziness & Headaches
  • Unceasing Snoring
Do You Have A Snoring Issue?

Accurate Position Detection

Smart Air Bag Actions

Free of Electromagnetic Waves

Quiet Design

Accurate Snore Detection

Soft Cotton Fabric Cover

Distinctive Snore
The anti-snore pillow detects the user’s real-time head position and calculates the optimal sleeping position with it’s accurate algorithm.
3 layers of noise reduction have been installed in the device to minimize any disturbance to your sleep.
Accurate Head Position Detection
A long period of study and experimentation have developed the AI smart pillow.
Its 4 air bags work in unison to detect and adjust the position of the user’s head.
Accurate Algorithm & Smart Anti-snoring Action
The device performs smart anti-snoring movements that precisely adjust the user’s sleeping position. The scientific algorithm adjusts air inflation and sound sensitivity with the volume and change of snoring pattern to reduce overall snoring.
Real-time Data Feedback
The 10Minds snoring solution app records your snoring to help improve your sleep.
You can check the trends and patterns on a weekly and monthly basis.
Comfort in Cotton
High quality memory foam guarantees both an anti-snoring and comfortable sleep experience.
Free From Electromagnetic Waves
In order to ease the user’s worries about sleep safety,
all electronic parts of the are kept away from the user.
Distinctive Snore
Only snoring sounds are distinctively filtered and recognized, aiding sound sleep.
Bring Comfort to Your Life